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Farmer’s Market

 The Hardin County Farmer’s Market is ready to welcome you! What better reason to wake up on a Saturday morning even though the alarm isn’t sounding to dash the kids off to school?

Seriously, we know many of you relish the idea of sleeping in on a Saturday morning but from May-October it’s awesome to know that you have the option of heading to 200 Peterson Drive in Elizabethtown as early as 7am to see what yummy finds you can get for your upcoming snacks, meals and family potlucks.

But, if your schedule allows for some mid-week flexibility you have no worries because the Farmer’s Market also takes place on Tuesday and Thursday mornings as well.

What Time? The shopping fun begins at 7am and goes through noon, however it is quite possible that they can sell-out before that so it is best to arrive earlier. As they say, “The early bird get the…….produce from the farmer’s market”…Well, that’s how I remember it anyway.

What Days? Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings from May through October.

What’s There? If you want a glimpse of what is there you might just need to go for yourself and check it out. We’ve had the pleasure of going several times and have found great vegetables and much more. Here’s an example of some of the things you can expect to find:


early spring veggies


baked goods

jams & jellies

I’ve found delicious cheeses there as well on the Saturdays that I have gone and found many tasty varieties that I really enjoy.

LOCATION:  Hardin County Farmer’s Market, 200 Peterson Drive, Elizabethtown

ElizabethtownFamily.com Saturday morning FAMILY FUN ADVENTURE – Head to the Farmer’s Market and then venture out to some yard sales. Set a budget of $10, $15 or $20 and see what exciting finds you can get in a few hours of fun! If you do, send us a photo and tell us about your experience. We might just share it with our readers!


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